After Incident Options for Slip and Fall Victims

There are about 2.2 million victims who seek emergency rooms in the hospital due to slip and fall accidents. The number of such accidents is still growing, with passing years. With the increase of slip and fall accidents in LA, unfortunately, there is also an increase in the number of fraudulent claims. The fraudulent claims are being registered by those people who want to seek advantage of the system by frivolously suing. Due to an increase in fraud cases, the guideline for the slip and fall settlement has become harsher. But for the real victims, who are genuinely injured because of owner negligence, have the option of a legal attorney to win the claim.

Steps that need to be taken after the accident

The slip and fall case is the accident that gives rise to a lawsuit. The trial for slip and fall begins from the time when a victim is injured. Sometimes the victim does not feel the need to seek medical help, but it should be always done. This is mainly for 2 reasons.

First, to come across unknown injuries. Usually, the slip and fall cases of head trauma or muscle damage. The effect of this kind of injury regularly appears after days or months. If one doesn’t go to a professional for a complete check-up, it is challenging to find the level of damage, and it can be even too late to claim.

Secondly, It is vital to get the injuries documented. Without documents, a victim can never ask the court or the liable owner for the claim. One always needs to submit proof to the legal authority and the attorney for settlement.


Once the victim is done with treatment, he should rush to the attorney for the filing of a case. When the case is registered, the work of the investigation starts. The victim’s lawyer typically does this. To file the lawsuit, the victim should surely list down the eyewitness. This will surely be a little embarrassing to ask the witnesses for proof, but this will help to get the claim settled.

Settlement outside the court system

It depends on the victim to prefer the settlement option. It could either be inside the court with legal law, or he can get the same settled outside the court system.

When the case is settled outside the court, it will be cheaper as compared to settle it legally. This could be done in a situation when the victim is with the shortage of proofs. And also when he doesn’t want to get involved in any such legal system. This is successful only when both the party agree at the same point.

Settlement inside

When settlement is done inside the court system can be said as a thriving settlement. As here victim can not only claim for the money but also ask for recoverable damages as, all medical expenses paid by victim, loss of salary can be asked from liable, the lawyer fee can also be asked.

With so many lawsuits, it’s still sometimes challenging to get compensation for slip and fall accidents. If one is genuinely injured, he can consult the best attorney for getting the claim settled.

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