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Clean or Messy: What Your Desk Says About You

Whether you’re a clean freak or a huge slob, your desk says a lot about your personality. We mean, at one time in your career you’ve probably looked over to your mate’s desk and made a snide comment at their pile of folders, hoarding of cups and colourful sticky notes all scattered across their desk.

Then again, they might have done the exact same thing to you. And it’s not surprising that your workspace identifies you considering you spend a lot of time there so eventually it’s bound to become your own personal space.

Check out below to find out what your desk reveals about you!

If your desk is messy…

If your desk is so messy that you can’t even see the top of it then you’re likely to be known as an extrovert and a creative thinker. You’re friendly and warming to others but get easily bored without any stimulation. You like to surround yourself with people and are always extremely upbeat when with them. However, if your desk is cluttered, it can also suggest that you might be less productive as you can easily lose things and have to spend time finding them instead.

If your desk is SO clean…

On the other side of the spectrum is someone who is a super clean freak. If your desk is quite minimal and tidy, then you probably like organisation and rules. While it might suggest that you are less creative as those who have messy desks, it also implies that you are a perfectionist – you think about what you’re going to do and plan it out rather than making rash decisions.

If you have a very personal desk…

If your desk has pictures of family, your own mugs and other little bits then it shows that relationships are important to you. You are very comfortable in your work and don’t mind mixing your personal life with business life. Your family and friends motivate you and you open to new ideas from co-workers.

If you’ve got sticky notes everywhere…

If your desk is fairly minimal, but you’ve got sticky notes all over your laptop, lamp and mug then it shows that you love organisation and lists. You like to check things off suggesting that you’re reliable and will get your work done. You want to know your plan rather than making any spontaneous decisions. On the other hand, it can also imply that you might be a little disorganised if your notes are cluttered everywhere. It shows to your colleagues that you have a lot of work to do and it’s just piling up.

If you’ve got inspirational quotes…

Some people’s desks are covered in little quotes and sayings. If you have a couple of inspiration ‘Monday Motivation’ quotes on your desk it might show that you are a problem solver. You can get through most things, but sometimes you just need a little motivation and these quotes are what pushes you. However, if lots of quotes are scattered around your desk at all times, it could also suggest that you’re not confident in what you are doing – a sign for help that you need more than a quote to get through something.

Everyone’s desk is different, but they definitely give some insight into what you’re like as a person. We mean, are you even surprised? You spend most days sitting there so, at one point or another, you’re likely to put some personality into it or, if you’re a minimalist, then not put any personality into it. But before you start raising eyebrows at your colleagues’ desk, remember it’s a two-way street!

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