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Does Your Wrinkle Cream Depends Upon Your Skin Tones ?

Skin is the most sensitive part of human beauty. With a bad skin, the general beauty is totally destroyed even if the person has a nice physical fit and beautiful eyes. A young skin is always considered to be very beautiful and that is why most individuals always struggle to keep their skin as young as they can. Their success depends on the choice of wrinkle cream they use to get rid or prevent wrinkles from appearing. A cream choice should depend on the skin color tone something that most people have never put into consideration. The selection of the wrinkle cream is what will determine whether it will work against you or for you. We should therefore be very careful when choosing our creams.

a) Determining your skin tone

Most people may think that their skin tone is all about the physical color of your skin but it is unfortunate that they are all wrong. There are two major categories of skin tones: surface tone and the undertone. The surface tone is the physical color of an individual while undertone is where now cool, warm and neutral skin tones are introduced. People can have the same surface tone but totally different undertone.  You can know your undertone by looking at the veins on your wrist. If they are blue-green then your undertone you have cool tone but if they are totally green you are likely to have warm tone. Neutral tone is a combination of both cool and warm skin tone.

b) Justification for choosing wrinkle cream according to the skin tone

It is very important for an individual to choose the makeup or skin shades according to the skin tone. The same applies to the choice of the wrinkle creams because different skin tones react differently to wrinkle creams. The following are the major reasons why considering skin tone in your choice is important:

i. Skin tones react differently to creams

Have you ever heard someone say that the black skin has greater advantages? Definitely not since black people are bleaching themselves to have a light skin because they believe it is beautiful. Just before you despise God’s creation with your artificial intelligence ask yourself why God gave you that skin because there is a good reason behind everything. Dark skin tone has strong shield against UV and if you add another stronger shield, they may work against each other and make your skin dependent on the artificial protection.

Under normal circumstance, the natural protection is always stronger so in other words your shield is weakened by some wrinkle creams. When it comes to light skin tone, it is another story because the wrinkle cream is a great back up to the less melanin. The skin is therefore shielded without any negative effects. Olay Total is one of the wrinkle creams that favor the light skinned individuals with pale skins. On the other hand, Garnier skin miracle is suitable for neutral skin while Maybelline Dream Fresh is perfect for dark skin.

ii. Some skin tones age earlier

The brighter skin tone is always thought to age earlier than the dark skin tone. This is because the brighter skin tone does not have enough melamine to shield them against the ultraviolet rays which are a great enemy to young skin. The sun rays breakdown the collagen required for the elasticity of the skin making it form wrinkles. Therefore, the lighter skins require stronger protection against UV rays. Hence, their creams must have this strong property. The simple shielding creams for dark skin may not be effective on the light skin. Most light skinned people belong to warm undertone but some are dispersed across neutral and cold undertones.

iii. Different Skin tones are made of different substances

The reason skin tones have different physical colors is because they are made from different chemical substance. Every distinct skin tone has a substance that uniquely identifies it apart from the color. According to chemistry, different substances react differently with the same chemicals. The same applies to the wrinkle cream and the different skin tones. However, you may find the universal substance in the market that has no negative effects on the skin tone but the problem is that most of them are less effective.


You have been choosing the color of your makeup, clothes and hair according to your skin tone and wondering whether to do the same to your skin tone? Yes, wrinkle cream should be chosen as per your skin tone. As mentioned earlier, Olay total is for light skin, Garnier for neutral skin and Maybelline for dark skin. Therefore, for better wrinkle control results skin tone is a factor.


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