Tips for Finding the Right Cleanser for Acne

Cleansing basically involves applying a cleanser on the skin, massaging it, splashing some water on the skin and patting dry. It is that easy and there is no rocket science there. However, if you have acne, it won’t be as easy as it sounds. Rocket science is easier in this case as it comes with a manual to guide you through. This one will just be a tough journey to walk through. Okay, I did exaggerate there to some extent, but you need to realize that getting the right cleanser when you have acne is a bit harder that when you don’t.  In essence, you will be looking for that cleanser that can help you fight the bacteria that is triggering the breakouts. Also, by cleaning up the clogged pores, you give acne medication a chance to be absorbed by the skin and allow healing in no time.

You may ask your dermatologist to recommend the best facial cleansers for this. Alternative, you may get over-the-counter cleansers that have been shown to help skins that are prone to acne. The tips below will help you get the best cleanser for this:

1. Look for a cleanser that blends in well with your acne treatment. Most important, it should be made for your skin type and doesn’t interfere with the skin treatment that you may be going through. This way, the acne will heal faster and at the same time you will have a smooth skin.

2. Look for a cleanser that has moisturizing properties and smoothens out rough areas. Such cleansers you will find contain emollients such as lanolin and mineral oil and humectants.

3. The cleanser should be alcohol-free, gentle and nonabrasive. This will ensure no irritation occurs to the already sensitive skin.

4. Ingredients that fight acne and improve the look of the skin will be excellent if they are added in the cleanser you wish to purchase. For example, Salicylic acid will be added in medicated cleansers as it helps in clearing the clogged up pores, reducing inflammation and reduce the redness. Sodium sulfacetamide, on the other hand, will help fight the bacterium that causes acne and help paralyze its growth.

The above tips will help you get the right cleanser. There are facial cleansers available in the market today such as Dermpura, but ensure that the one that you settle for satisfies all your needs and at the same time is cost effectively.  In addition, there are things that you can do that will help you fight acne naturally. They include:

1. Quit smoking, Why I say this is because smoking triggers a condition known as the smoking acne. This condition makes acne to take a longer time than it would have if it was normal acne. You are also aware of the other dangerous effects of smoking has on your skin and the overall health.

2. Wash your face regularly with lukewarm water especially if you do sweat a lot.

3. Take sufficient amounts of zinc. Zinc has been shown to help heal acne due to its antioxidant properties. Some great food sources of zinc include beans, poultry, fish, red meats and pumpkin seeds.  Don’t forget to incorporate lots of vitamins A and C.

4. Apply Tea Tree oil. This oil has been shown to work effectively on wounds, acne, infections among other skin conditions. Use a cotton ball to apply it on the skin. Note it has never been and should never be taken orally. You should not leave it open as it may get oxidized and this kind of tea tree has been shown to trigger allergic reactions.

5. Avoid touching the skin unnecessarily. As we move the hands from one point to another, picking this and that, we are prone to collecting germs. If you then touch you face with these same hands, you will transfer germs. The germs may clog the pores or cause irritation. Also, resist from squeezing the pimples as this may lead to spreading of the bacteria and development of scars.

6. Avoid foods that throw your hormones off balance such as meat.  Look for foods that contain anti-inflammatory properties such as fruits and vegetables. These will help in making the acne clear out fast and prevent it from ever occurring again.


Acne can be caused by lots of things including hormones and hereditary factors. Choosing the right cleanser when you have acne will be essential to ensure that the condition is not worsened, but rather it is treated effectively. The above tips will help you purchase the right cleanser depending on your skin type. Ensure to avoid factors that may trigger acne such as foods that are full of fats together with those that worsen the condition.


Meighan Sembrano

Meighan Sembrano is an author at Consumer Health Digest. She is a social worker who spends her time searching about health, beauty and lifestyles fitness related articles.

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