Essential tips for automotive oil management and replacement

The Motor oil is an essential part of the engine which is used in the internal combustion of engine and powers the Cars, motorbikes and other vehicles or engine generators. The engines are composed of various parts which function against one another, and the friction converts the kinetic energy into heat. In order to maintain the proper health of engine and reduce the friction between various components of the engine, the motor oil is required.

The Oil change procedure

The oil replacement would require jack along with the jack stand, oil container, and box-end wrench. The oil in vehicles needs to be changed at regular intervals. The procedure consists of removing the old oil and placing the fresh oil in the engine. At the time of oil replacement, the engine oil filter is also changed.


Usually, the average price for oil change Varies from $25 to $50. However, if you use synthetic oil, the price might even go higher and vary from $45 to $75. Cheap oil change ma can be done by exploring other options or going for brands with lesser price.

What happens if you don’t change the Car Oil?

One of the most common issues which are associated with not changing the car oil is causing the engine to become too hot. The heating of the engine causes it to run inefficiently. With the passage of time, the old oil will lead to wear and tear of the components of the engine which will further lead to shutting down of the engine requiring full engine replacement.

When you regularly change the oil in your vehicle, you remove the particles if any which can cause damage to the engine. It is a known fact that the oil needs to be frequently changed but how often you need to change the oil is one of the important aspects to be considered. The automobile shops have been recommending that the oil must be changed in every 3 months or 3000 miles whichever comes earlier.

For proper maintenance of engine and oil, one should check the oil in engine weekly. It is believed that the best time for checking the oil is when the car in on ground level and warm. After stopping the engine, wait for the oil to settle down followed by pushing the dipstick inside. After about 1 minute remove the dipstick and check the levels.

Ways to know if you need oil change

  • If, you have traveled 3000 miles after the last oil change. It has been established as a thumb rule to change the oil after every 3000 miles.
  • If the engine of the vehicle has become either noisy or jumpy.
  • When the color of the oil turns black
  • When the check engine or check oil light shows.

The oil which is used in engines is of two types, synthetic and natural. Though earlier only natural oil was available, with the passage of time the synthetic oil has gained popularity owing to its benefits.

Just like the motor oil, the brake pads of any vehicle also need to be changed at regular intervals to ensure the safety of the vehicle and your life. Cheap brake change ma can be done by getting quotes from various mechanics.

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