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5 Things That Women Wish Men Wouldn’t Do

women-do-not-want-in-menThere are ups and downs in every relationship, men and women are very different to one another, and sometimes either one can do something stupid, thoughtless or just generally annoying to upset the other. This post is for men who want to be a little bit easier to live with; even if you think yourself the model of a modern man, you might be interested to see what really bugs the women in your life:

1. Don’t Lie

There are occasions, of course, when you might bend the truth – to keep a surprise for instance, or perhaps to save upset (being brutally honest isn’t always the way to go).

But if you are lying because you know that the truth would get you in trouble there’s no excuse for that (and it probably means you did something you shouldn’t have). Be honest and if you disagree over what behavior is and isn’t acceptable, you either need to discuss that, or apologize.

2. Tidy Up

I don’t like to generalize, but women tend to be tidier than men; in fact studies suggest that men’s brains are wired to not notice mess that women do. Unfortunately, this is rarely a good excuse when you have a habit of leaving your dirty socks on the coffee table and dirty plates in the sink.

You shouldn’t have to change who you are, but living together requires a little thought – so if you’re the messy type, make an effort to tidy up every now and then. This is one of those situations where the littlest act of thoughtfulness will be hugely appreciated.

3. Start Talking

This point is bordering on clich̩, but most women like to talk about how they feel and about their emotions, whereas men are much more objective Рthey talk about actual events in a much more matter of fact way.

Both types of communication are important though, and opening up is a very important part of building a relationship.

4. Man Up

Whilst it’s true women do like a man to be attentive, open and thoughtful – that doesn’t mean you should act like an obedient puppy all the time.

Being assertive, putting your point across and being able to occasionally take control of a situation are all important traits. If your partner feels like she is always making the decisions because you can’t, your relationship could be in trouble.

5. Start Listening

As well as talking and telling your partner how you feel, you should learn to listen to her – and I mean really listen, not just hear what she’s saying.

This is always tricky for men to get their head’s around because men naturally have less empathy than women. If you make an effort though you can learn to be more responsive to what your partner says.


So, if you’re a man, which of these points are you guilty of? Be honest with yourself and starting thinking about how you can rectify that (and whether you are willing to).

Women – almost certainly you have seen the men in your life commit at least a few of these sins. But on behalf of all men, please be patient with us, because we are (for the most part) trying.


Besides being the main writer and owner of Life and Experiences, she is also the co-founder of Ayanize Co.

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  1. Meiliken

    And all of this can be attributed to weaknesses in women too, so the entire premise of this article was an effort of idciocy.

    1. Munmun Das

      It’s never a idiocy. Men too have certain wishes from women and they should also abide by them. Mutual respect should be established.

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