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How to Be Healthy with a Busy Lifestyle

It is difficult to stay healthy today, with a busy work and social schedule it is hard to find the time to prepare healthy meals. So what do most people do? They buy fast food like burgers and pizza. The problem with these is because of the processing they do not have all the nutrients our body needs. All the food found in stores or markets are processed in some way, what we’re worried about is chemical processing. Chemical processing extracts vitamins, minerals, fiber form food and then adds hydrogenated oil, unhealthy fats, sugar or artificial sweeteners and colors, high fructose corn syrup. The body doesn’t view most of these added ingredients as food, so why should you eat it. Processed foods have high calories, chemicals that hinder the body’s function, minus the healthy parts like minerals. These kinds of foods should be avoided at all cost because the chemicals build up and cause serious illness.

What to eat
You should chose food that is processed as little as possible, for example organic food. But organic food, being as expensive as it is, may not be in everybody’s budget. So it is perfectly alright to buy fresh produce. Many people don’t have time to prepare meals so you can buy food in a can, but you should buy food whose listed ingredients are few and familiar. If you compare the listed ingredients of two types of canned peas you will be able to tell which one is full of additives. Avoid buying partially prepared meals in stores because they are full of sodium, sugar and additives; even if they have the word “healthy” on them, don’t by it.

Plan your meals
It is common knowledge that people should eating at least six meals a day. The reason for that being quite simple: keeping your blood sugar levels in check, so that you avoid food binging. Processed food is full of sugar so it raises sugar levels but it’s also easily digested so when the levels drop people tend to eat the first thing they find. Planning ahead is a great idea because it will ensure you’ll stay on track with your meal plan. You should start with a big breakfast; protein, vegetable and grain. Prepare your snack it can be anything form granola bars to nuts. If you forget to pack your lunch you can always buy something, but you still don’t know what goes into that meal so a better choice would be to get an office fruit delivery for the whole team. You best bet is online research, look for quick-to-make meals, healthy food options, alternatives to soda and ingredient research.

The human body was not built to be stationary so you need to get those muscles moving somehow. If you work out regularly you will notice that back pains disperse, headaches don’t happen that often and your whole body feels lighter. It is understandable that many cannot find the time for the gym what with their jobs, children and other obligations but you’re not off the hook. There are simple things you can do like walking everywhere, not using the escalator and elevator, parking a few blocks away from your work.


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