What is the Best ‘TENANT’ Story You have Got?

There are thousands of people in our country who live on rent as tenants. Renting out houses is a trend that has always been there in our country, and not just our country, but all over the world. Mostly in countries which are still developing. Because in developing countries, masses move and change places for attaining a good lifestyle and sometimes to even make a living.

And this is nothing bad at all. People who give their extra property out on rent aren’t just making some money but are indeed helping a lot of individuals for making a good future. What if these people don’t give their properties on rent? People would have practically no place for themselves to accommodate.

So by becoming tenants, so many people get help and are able to live in the new places without any trouble. Surely, hostels are available in the cities, but not everyone is able to live with so much restrictions. So for those people who need to live in a new place alone, or for a little period only, then renting houses is the best option for you.

What if you want to move in Kolkata for a year because your company has transferred you there? Obviously you would want to rent house in Kolkata for yourself. No one would want to put in all their money and buy a house.

Well, living in rented apartments in a different experience all together. A lot of you might be very skeptical about living in a rented apartment and might think that living in rented apartments can get very tiring and you would have to face a lot of problems from the landlord there. We don’t know why, but the entire concept of rental houses has been created as a taboo for people. People have this general assumptions about landlords that all of them our either old, cribby or too strict. But this is not true. Living in rental apartments can sometimes change your life completely. And for making you believe this, we will tell you a story of a tenant and how was his experience living in a rental house.

So here it starts,

So we had this known person of ours who was moving into this amazing city called Kolkata because apparently his boss thought that the new firm they set up in the city needs his expertise. So this man being a typical south Indian who loves his Rassam way too much was a little hesitant about going there. But being the passionate individual that he is, his aspirations took him there. so even before he landed in Kolkata, he started to look for a rent house in Kolkata, and luckily managed to find a house for himself pretty close to his new office.

He went there really doubtfully, but what happened later was something that he will remember and cherish forever.

When he came back after two years, he said that the old couple whose house he occupied loved him like their own son. They cared for him so much that he never felt that he was away from home. And couldn’t stop talking about the fish curry that the aunt prepared, though he was a south Indian, he couldn’t stay away from the fish.

So this is how tenant stories can turn into. So do not hesitate. Take the risk and make your own new story with a lot of memories.


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