Here is a surprising reason behind the existence of our adorable teddy bears, we bet you never knew

Teddy day is just round the corner, and everyone is busy buying teddy day gifts. As important it is to gift a teddy to your loved ones on a teddy day, equally important is to know a few interesting facts about teddy bears themselves. We have long been considering them nothing more than just a soft toy, but teddy bears have a story that would certainly leave you surprised. The adorable teddy bears that are used by people of different ages have a very interesting and surprising story behind their existence. And we are very sure that you would not be aware of this story already. This is one of the most interesting stories you would be hearing, and this will also be one of the most surprising ones.

History of Teddy Bears

When it comes to celebrating teddy day, we rush to buy teddy day gifts, without ever thinking how these toys did came into existence. The very interesting story about the existence of teddy bears has to do with the American President Theodore Roosevelt. In the November of 1902, Theodore Roosevelt along with his friends went to a hunting trip. In the middle of the trip, they came across a bear, which Theodore was ordered to shoot, considering this to be very inhumane, he refused. And then became the talk of the town for showing immense kindness on a creature.

When this story reached the famous cartoonist of that time Clifford Berryman, he drew a sketch of a bear; this sketch was spotted by a stuff toy store owner, who made up his mind to convert the sketch into a soft toy, available in different sizes. The store owner after taking permission from the President, started working on these toys, which are today known as teddy bears. The name comes from Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt. These teddy bears today form the most popular of teddy day gifts.

When they were created first, teddy bears were called teddy’s bear. As it became a popular soft toy, found in all households, its name changed from teddy’s bear to teddy bear. You can now find these toys at any toy store near you, which have today become the most popular gifts to be chosen as teddy day gifts. There is a lot more to this story, which involves the design of the very first teddy bear, which was not as cute as the ones we find today.

 Celebrating Teddy Day

Though we have an interesting story behind the existence of teddy bears, the same cannot be said about teddy day. The week long celebrations prior to the Valentine’s Day include celebrating teddy day. Although the practices on this day are more or less the same, the most common practice involves giving teddy day gifts. Irrespective of the age, people who cerebrate this day, opt for giving their loved one a cute and soft teddy that can be used everytime they miss them, or wish to cuddle them.

This practice is most common between people of a particular age group, or youngsters. Couples who have only recently come together also celebrate the day in full spirit, and give each other teddy day gifts. The celebrations of this day sure involve the use of teddies, but it does not have to be limited to it. And can involve a lot of experimentation. Although a large part of celebrating the day has to do with the act of gifting, people can also involve playing with teddy bears, or having teddy bear themed parties.

 Gifts for Teddy Day

When you go to buy teddy day gifts you do not have to limit yourself to the most obvious of stuff. Along with a teddy bear, you can also opt for giving a heart shaped cushion, or a teddy day greeting card. Apart from these you can even buy teddy bear bouquets, which contain multiple small teddy bears, and form one of the cutest options for gifting as teddy day gifts.

Many people often have parties that are based on a teddy bear theme, and involve all the guests to be dressed as teddy bears. This is one of the most fun ways of celebrating the day, so that one can totally relate to what exactly are they doing. All of this is done mainly to stay with the trend, and acts as a fun occasion where people can come together and party in way they can’t party for the rest of the year.

Why should you celebrate Teddy Day?

It is often said that ‘live your life as if you will die tomorrow’. The essence of this saying is about living every moment. We often feel that there are certain moments which call for a celebration and certain that don’t. All moments we get to live are moments we should celebrate, and occasions like these give us a good reason to celebrate. So letting go of this reason is not the best thing one can do, it is advisable to rather celebrate these occasions and make the most of all such moments as they are any way a rarity. So go buy a few teddy day gifts and start planning about how you plan to make the most of this teddy day and what is the best way to celebrate the same.


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