How healthy and unhealthy carbohydrates affect your best bodybuilding results

May people are asking all the time which are the best bodybuilding carbs. For example, they are asking if they should eat potatoes versus rice or if pasta is acceptable for a fat-loss diet or if it is okay to eat some chocolate as part of their diet.

Actually, this is a very simple and straight forward issue and we are going to analyze it in a way that it is easy to understand using stage-by-stage terms.

All Carbohydrates give you energy

Being one of the main nutrients of our diet, all carbohydrates no matter where they come from are ultimately broken down into the plain and basic type of Glucose. This kind of Glucose is being used to energize your muscles and your brain. This means that whether you eat a bowl of rice or an apple, whether you drink a chocolate milkshake, they all end up as basic Glucose once your body has processed them.  

In that sense, a carb is a carb because the end-product, that your body actually uses, is the same regardless of which specific food it comes from. Now, some of you may read this and think, “Since a carb is a carb, why can’t I just get my fat and protein proportions for the day and then fill up my carbohydrates macros with nothing but cookies, ice-cream and cake?”

Carbohydrates are crucial to give you optimal energy levels for your best workouts. It plays a huge role which are the kinds of carbohydrate sources that you consuming to get your carbs from.

Carbs have different nutritional value amongst them

You should not be getting your carbs from unhealthy and processed foods and the reason why this is not good for your ideal bodybuilding outcome and for your health is quite simple: “Although carbohydrates are eventually broken down into an identical product, the different foods and the package that are in do not contain the same overall nutritional value and fiber content”, says fitness expert Leandro of

So, a carb is a carb, but a carb containing food is not necessarily a carb containing healthy and nutritious food. For example, if you ate fifty grams of carbohydrate coming from a sweet potato, you would also be eating vitamin C, Vitamin A, some Vitamin B, some Potassium, some fiber and other nutrients. However, if you ate 50 grams of carbohydrates coming from Gummy Bears, you would still be getting the actual carbs but you would be getting almost nothing as far as additional micronutrients and fiber are concerned.

For that reason, even though Glucose is Glucose, you still want to base the bulk of your carbohydrate intake around what would generally be considered as clean Wholefoods. That is going to make sure that you are meeting your nutritional and fiber requirements for the day, which is ultimately going to optimize your body’s composition and your training performance.

How fast carbohydrates are absorbed

Some people say that you should be sticking to low-glycemic carbs as opposed to high-glycemic carbs or you should be eating complex carbs as opposed to simple carbs. However, for people who are otherwise healthy and who are following a regular training program, this is not something that they have to worry about.

The main reason for this is that the glycemic index of different carbohydrates, which is how quickly they raise your blood sugar levels, is based on consuming each carbohydrates source alone and during a fasting state. But then again, it is pretty rare, if ever, that you will be eating pure carbs alone in a fasted state. When your stomach is already full of food or you combine carbohydrates with protein and fat, the absorption speed of your carbs will decrease significantly.

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