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How to Check Your Boiler for Problems?

Have you spent a chilly winter night without any heat? If you have then you already understand the importance of boiler service. Keeping your boiler in good health is indispensible. There are only two options, either you make sure that your boiler is working fine by getting it serviced at regular intervals or you can spend the night shivering in cold. In this article we will educate you about some simple DIY things that can keep your boiler in good health. There is no denying in the fact that you must get your boiler serviced from a professional, but making routine inspection of your boiler will ensure that your service bills are kept at a minimum.

• Frequently check the boiler pressure:

In order to know the correct pressure you can refer to the owner’s manual. If you don’t have the manual then you can also visit the manufacturer’s website and download the manual from there. But since manufacturers update models every year, its better that you keep your owner’s manual in a safe place. Note the pressure listed in the owner’s manual and make sure that the same pressure setting is indicated on your boiler.

• Check the thermostat:

This is for those people who freak out every time their boiler fails to start. Instead of calling the professional right away, first you should check the thermostat settings. Make sure that the thermostat is set at a temperature above the room temperature. If the temperature set on the thermostat is below the room temperature then your boiler won’t work.

• Check the carbon monoxide alarm:

Carbon monoxide alarm is an extremely important part of your boiler. Though it doesn’t affect the working of the boiler, it does affect the scenario when your boiler might malfunction. Carbon monoxide is poisonous in nature and it can even cause death. You must have heard of cases where people died in their sleep because of carbon monoxide poisoning. For this reason it is extremely important that you ensure the proper functioning of the carbon monoxide alarm of your boiler.

• Check for leaks:

Pipes with fissures and leaks will severely affect the performance of your boiler. If there is a leak in any of the pipes then your boiler will always perform below the optimum levels. Make sure that there are no fissures in the pipes.

• Check the boiler flame:

Boiler flame is a great indicator of your boiler’s health. You should check for the color of this flame from time to time. A blue colored flame means that your boiler is in great health but if someday you notice that the color of the flame has turned to orange or yellow then you must give a call to a professional boiler service without any further delay. If the flame color is not blue then you will also notice that your boiler has started to consume significantly more gas. Ignoring this indicator will not only cause more damage to your boiler but it will also cost you more as it will consume more gas.
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