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How to Keep Children Entertained at Christmas

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that children love Christmas and everything attached to it, so we don’t need to do anything other than let them open their presents and enjoy themselves while the adults enjoy a break and put their feet up.

Keeping Occupied

Talk to many children, however, and you’ll get a totally different point of view. Yes, of course they enjoy opening their presents and playing with new gifts and gadgets, however, the novelty soon wears off and they are looking for other things to do. We looked at what we can all do to help keep our children entertained this Christmas, and forget any frustrations of particular gifts being a waste of money having only engaged our children for an hour before they got bored!

Family Time

So many people say they look forward to the festive period, because it is an opportunity to spend quality family time together, then spend Christmas Day and the following days sitting around bored, waiting to go back to school or work to save them from the tedium.

We’re not suggesting you should do anything clichéd such as play family charades – although to be fair that is pretty fun – but you can get out fun family board games. Even something needing a little brainpower, such as Trivial Pursuit or Cluedo, is a great way to have fun for a few hours and spend great time with the rest of the Chistmas Funfamily.

Party On

Okay, this may seem like an obvious thing to do, but you need to remember that having a party does not mean inviting friends and relatives over, crack open a bottle of sherry and sit around the television watching “Escape to Victory or Mary Poppins“, both staples of Christmas viewing around the world.

Instead, do something that will drum up some interest and excitement for the kids in your house. Why not have a fireworks display at some stage over the Christmas break? If you get lucky with the weather and it’s mild enough you could even have a barbecue! Seriously, winter barbecues are great fun, especially if you’re trying to build yourself a bit of an eccentric reputation with the neighbors. Realistically, the weather will probably rule that one out, so stick to the fireworks display instead.

Back to Life

While the kids probably don’t return to school until the first full week of January, you can still encourage them to get back to their normal way of life to keep them entertained over Christmas. With everything being closed or having limited opening times, we often feel doomed to sit in our armchairs for days on end, but there’s nothing to stop the kids going to the park, playing football, or meeting up with their friends as they ordinarily would do. However, ensure a good sleep during the Christmas time.

The key to keeping kids entertained at Christmas: a mixture of normality and excitement, rolled into one!

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