How to Make Your Bathroom Safe for Kids

Keeping your kids safe in the house can be a tougher job than you would imagine. There are many potential dangers just waiting to happen, but, only if you do not teach your kid to stay away from those dangers, and if you do not do something to prevent it from happening. Keep in mind that you cannot protect your kid from anything, but you can make sure to minimize the chances.

Slip No More!How to Make Your Bathroom Safe for Kids by

Bathrooms are often wet and either the floor or the tub can be bad if someone falls, for children it can cause even more damage than to adults. However, if you install a few slip-proof paddings on the floor and in the tub, you can be sure that there will be almost no chance of falling over. On the other hand, install handle grips as well, so that your kid has something to grab onto when entering or exiting the tub as well.

Keep Your Cabinets Shut

Even if you stash all the medicine and dangerous chemicals safely, there is always a chance that your curious kid will come wondering in and start opening cabinets. But, if you make sure that you install child locks and baby-proof the doors, you will not have to worry about them opening anything. Moreover, try to move everything that is potentially dangerous to a top level shelf, so that kids can never reach it no matter what happens.

Install Great Electrical Protection

Installing ground-fault circuit interrupters will be necessary because your kid might like to splash around a lot while taking a bath, and water could get everywhere. However, with a GFCI you can be sure that if water gets to electrical outlets, the flow of electricity will be interrupted almost immediately, so that there is no chance of electrocution. Moreover, these additions should be tamper resistant as well, so that nothing happens to your kid, if they come in contact with the outlet.How to Make Your Bathroom Safe for Kids by

Make Sure the Water Is Not As Hot

Even if you look away for a second, your kid might get burned by hot water, and if you want to prevent that, it will be necessary that you lower hot water temperature so that it is not scolding hot. However, you should not touch the thermostat of the boiler unless you know how to do it, instead call in a professional who can help you out, so that you do not accidentally turn it up. The alternative is that you install faucets which let you control water temperatures, but they tend to be more costly.

Install New Safe Bathroom Features

Slowly changing your bathroom and adding features so that it welcomes children is a necessity. Instead of doing things on your own, you can buy and have your new features installed, so that you guarantee your kid’s safety. You will need the help of exceptional bathroom renovators to make it all happen, otherwise you might be looking forward to a really long DIY project. Moreover, these people will know how to help you out, and they can even give good advice on how to make your bathroom even safer.

As your kid grows older, you can remove some of the safety features and gradually revert your bathroom back into a more adult-friendly environed. However, you should always keep an eye on your kid, and never let them go inside alone, unless you know they are there, and what they are doing. However, give them enough privacy but make sure that you can leap into action if anything happens.


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