Practical Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

If you are suffering from a disease called ‘having not enough space’, then you are in the right place. When having a small bathroom, the main thing with the lack of space is the organisation. It is on you to decide how to cleverly use the space you have got. In the following few paragraphs you will find out how to make the most of your bathroom with creative and practical storage ideas.

Go vertical

As with many things in life, the best thing is to Keep It Super Simple. Use the empty space above the toilet by adding two or three simple-lined shelves. Put towels on them, make up, cleaning products, or whatever you like, and use the lowest shelf smartly – as toilet paper storage so that you can grasp it easily whenever in need.

Unclutter with boxes

Many people say that if you live in a mess, your life will turn into mess as well. In order to organise everything and make your mornings easier (especially when you have no time to find that blue mascara at seven thirty), be zen. Clean all the shelves, countertops and the floor from things you do not need. Organise things neatly into containers and boxes so that you always know where things are.

Add a big cabinet

The perfect storage area for your bathroom can be a tall cabinet. Place it between the sink and the shower to use the dead space and use it even as a book shelf. This way, you will unclutter your house and have something interesting to read and kill the time. Besides, a wide and tall cabinet box will simply make the space look bigger, and what you can also do is to paint it white, because bright colours visually enhance the space.

Reorganise your plumbings

Think of how much space does your shower take up. Instead of leaving it that way, you can make it twice as useful. Add some storage into it and make the most of it. Another great idea is to eliminate the shower door (mind you that you cannot do this on your own, so you will need the assistance of an industrial plumbing service) and use all the possible space there is. This way, you will have more space around it to put corner shelves and additional countertops.

Look down

Another place you can look for extra storage is probably where you do not look at all. Many people forget that he space under the sink can be used as well – just add a cupboard underneath it and hide your cleaning products, the excess of your make up, and add some more space for your towels. And there you have it! Not only will it look pretty, but useful as well.

And finally, you should remember that you need not be intimidated by the looks of your bathroom. Be creative and reorganise the space so that you can live a happy life in a stress-free zone. You will make the most out of your mornings and have a clug-free life.


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