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Pain Management with Passive Physical Therapy

Severe pain in any part of the body is harsh and disables a person to perform any task and many times it makes an individual hapless. But fortunately, medical field has managed to tackle the pain with the physical therapy as a pain treatment can now be accomplished through it. The huge presence of physical therapy New York depicts people’s huge faith in the practice to get rid of pain. Like every experts, Physical therapists in New York are involved in the treatment, healing, and prevention of the injuries or disabilities. The therapy is helpful in getting rid of the pain, boost healing, and rejuvenate function and movement.

New York physical therapy has professionally trained and experienced therapists. You can also have reference of top notch expert by your doctors. A physical therapy expert is a highly skilled and educated in proper rehabilitation.

How is physical therapy used to treat pain?physio therapy

A therapist might pay attention on decreasing pain with either passive or active therapy. Here are some examples of passive physical therapy:

Heat/ice packs

This physical therapy helps in lowering muscle spasm and inflammation. Patients are getting benefited with the pain relief with heat therapy using heat packs while others with cold therapy such as ice massage. They should be applied for 10-20 minutes once every two hours.

TENS units

A TENS unit means transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. It is a small battery operated machine that makes use of electrical transmission to lower the pain. Electrodes are applied for the treatment on the affected area. After the machine is on the current passes through the electrodes. A tingling sensation disrupts the pain signal surrounding the nerves.


Ultrasound is a modality that a physical therapist New York could use to treat a patient suffering from pain. Ultrasound is basically a machine, which makes use of sound waves to produce heat within a body part. A therapist makes use of this process only. Physical therapy experts will apply a little gel on the sound head and also on your body part. After smearing the gel, the sound head is rubbed in the circular motion on the area that needs treatment. This way the heat will be generated in that joint leading to the overall blood flow circulation. It supports to loosen the tissues to let them respond in a better way. Besides, the process makes the stretching easy for the manual techniques that the therapist will do like loosening the tight joints or tight muscles. This way the body parts get prepared for the general activity before an exercise program by the experts. Ultrasound also supports acute injuries for non-thermal effects, in which no heat is generated but it aids in enhancing the blood flow in order to reduce the inflammation or swelling.

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