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Planning a Get Together with Friends

I received an email from an old friend who said she read about an event that was occurring in my area in the spring.  We had been talking, on and off, about when she could come for a visit, and her interest in old houses spurred her to decide to visit my old town when they are having their annual Home Tour. The town is over 300 years old, and there are still existing homes from the 1700’s.

She called some days later and said the April visit would not work out; would a different day in May be OK? OK? I said, is the Pope Catholic?  Does McDonald’s have Golden Arches? Do bears, well, you know the rest. I haven’t seen my good friend in over a year.  Whatever I may have planned for May (nothing) will have to wait because seeing my cherished old friends takes precedence over everything.

This is an important concept as we move through life.  Getting together with friends was a breeze when we were all a) in school together or b) lived in the same apartment building or neighborhood or c) had kids the same age.  Now that time and distance has separated us, it is becoming more and more important that we make a conscious and determined effort to maintain the ties to those old and dear friends with whom we shared so many memories but we are now distanced from.  Even when it is not easy or convenient, it is worth the effort, because you cannot believe the joy you will get from these old connections.

  • Just stay in touch: A call, a note, or just an email once in a while will make sure that your friends know you are thinking about them
  • Make plans: At one point, you probably had some strong common interests. If you played cards together, why not see if there is a tournament in an area that is convenient to both of you.  Our old friends were invited to a family reunion and invited us because we spent so much time with them they felt as though we were family.
  • Vacation together: Regardless of the fact that I have lived in my new community for over ten years, I still haven’t made the kind of friends I would willingly spend a week to two with. I know a lot of people who feel this way.  However, all the soccer tournament weekends together in shared hotel rooms make me feel very comfortable with going on a cruise with that crazy old neighborhood crowd.
  • Visit: Most families are very mobile today, and have to travel all over for business, family functions and kids’ sports events. It may take you a little out of the way, and it may be a bit more trouble, but if you are going to be in the area, take the time and trouble to stop by and see you old friends.

We are all in the habit of saying: “We have to get together sometime.” But it is up to you to really do it.

Meeting with old friends is easy if you know where they are. If you want to locate your friends you should try a people search. You can find almost anyone with only a few clicks of your mouse.


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