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Top 5 Tips for Wedding Day Beauty

Every bride wants to look her the most gorgeous on her wedding day. A big part of that is knowing how to use the right makeup to achieve a look that is beautiful both in person and in pictures. These are the top 5 tips for wedding day beauty.

Don’t Do Your Own Makeup

Unless you are very, very good with makeup, it is better to let someone else do your face for your wedding. Hiring a professional can be a good option, and it is not necessarily that expensive, especially if you go to a salon instead of having her come to you. Or, if you have a friend who has a way with applying cosmetics, enlist her to do it. But most women shouldn’t do their own wedding day makeup, as it will either end up looking like too much in person or not enough in the pictures; it can be hard to get the perfect balance.

Choose The Right Products

The makeup you use on a daily basis may not be well suited to wear for your wedding. You need a foundation that conceals all flaws without looking obvious or pan-cakey, a blush that pops, long-lasting lipstick, smudge-proof eye makeup, and of course, waterproof mascara. Be careful about cosmetics like shimmery eye shadow that may be more likely to show creases as the day goes on. Most women should use an oil-free foundation to help control shine, as well as a dusting of powder to set their makeup. If you normally use inexpensive makeup, you may either need to splurge on an upgrade for your wedding, or go to a makeup artist who will use top quality products. Inexpensive cosmetics generally have less pigment and tend to fade out quickly, and you need wedding makeup that will last the whole day.

Match Your Makeup To Your Gown

The style of your wedding makeup should complement the style of your bridal gown. For instance, if you will be wearing a very glamorous wedding dress with dramatic cz bridal jewelry, your makeup should be equally glamorous. You could go for a smoky eye or sexy red lipstick, for example. On the other hand, if your gown is ethereal and soft, your makeup should be soft and luminous, rather than sophisticated and dramatic. Classic brides should go with classic makeup like a pinky-natural lipstick and understated eye shadow hues.

Be Prepared For Touch-Ups

Even the most expertly applied makeup might need a little touching up before the day is done. Keep a few essentials with you in a chic clutch. Primarily you should have lipstick and powder-less blotting papers. You may also wish to have a lip-liner in a shade that matches your lipstick exactly. Do not use it to outline your lips; the liner should be used to completely cover your lips. Then when you apply the lipstick over top of the lip-liner, you will have real staying power to last through eating cake, sipping champagne, and of course, kissing your groom.

Wear A Button Down Shirt

This is an absolutely essential tip for brides and bridesmaids. A button down shirt is a must for getting your hair and makeup done so you don’t mess it up when you remove the shirt. It is generally smart to have your hair done first so that you don’t get any splashes of water or products on your face that could make your makeup run. So, when getting ready on your wedding day, remember to wear a button down shirt, have your hairstyle done and hair bridal jewelry put in place, then finish with your makeup to keep it fresh and pretty.

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