Were You Hurt In The Workplace?

A lot of jobs are dangerous. They don’t have to be obviously harmful to be dangerous either. Some jobs can really play havoc with your life long after you’ve left the job. Have you been noticing something different about your health recently? If you can’t explain it, there may be a chance you’ve been hurt at work without even knowing it.

Breathing Difficulties

If you worked in manufacturing or construction for any length of time, there is a risk that you were exposed to dangerous materials. These materials may have come in many different forms. It could be you’ve breathed in some noxious fumes from chemicals. It could also be you accidentally inhaled particles from a compound such as cement.

These may not have immediate caused you problems. There’s every chance that these problems develop later in life. Many respiratory problems take years to develop. It may take a long while before they begin to manifest. Once they do, you need to see a doctor immediately.

Hearing Difficulties

Working with heavy machinery and loud tools can severely impact your hearing over time. The stress placed on the eardrum due to the loud noises will damage it irreparably. Over time, the condition will get worse, and as you get older, it could take your hearing altogether.

You don’t just have to work directly with the tools either. If you are unprotected are close to a loud environment, you’re still going to see an impact. These days, protective hearing gear is issued to employees in most cases, but for some they are not.

If your hearing has been impacted by a loud working environment, you may be able to claim compensation against your employer or former employer. A website like www.ukclaimlawyers.co.uk will point you in the right direction for finding representation.

Loss Of Motor Skills

Many people who do repetitive motions for work will find themselves injured whether they realise it or not. Repetitive motion strain is just the start of it.

Repetitive motion strain can manifest in many ways. It can manifest as muscular pain and tightness in the muscle fibres. This can make flexibility difficult and often the muscle will painfully lock up from time to time.

It can also manifest in terms of joint pain. While the flexibility can remain, it is more likely that the joint will lock up more often.

More long-term and long-lasting damage to motor skills can come as a result of this. If the muscle or joint is not allowed to heal properly, it is unlikely it will ever be in a state where it doesn’t continue to degenerate. This can cause significant stress.

There will be a loss of strength in the limb overall. It may make you incapable to do your job and make you subject to redundancy. More than that, it can heavily impact your personal life. The loss of strength may be so severe that you can barely turn your car keys in the ignition.

Determining your injury isn’t easy, but if you think you were hurt at work you need to speak to someone about it.


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