What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone secreted by the pituitary gland (in the brain) that helps the body organs to grow after a certain age. Mainly, the level of testosterone affects the growth of hair under armpits, body characteristics, and depth of the voice.

It starts affecting an individual when he or she attains the age of maturity, i.e. near 16 or 18 years. The effect on male and female individuals is different.

Does food affect it?

Yes, the level of testosterone increase or decrease with the type and properties of food one is going to the intake. Food, which is rich in Vitamin D, Zinc, and Fatty Acid, quickly increases testosterone levels in one’s body, thus allowing his or her body to develop faster.

On the contrary, the food or liquids containing PUFA, Liquorice, Mint, Pepper Mint, Spear Mint, Alcohol, Soy and Trans Fats can greatly rude the level of testosterone in both male and female.

Therefore, it is always suggested to a person affected by testosterone to maintain his or her diet properly.

Why should you bother?

There exists an optimum level of testosterone is one’s body. If the level is increased, by a great content, though the growth of the individual may get a boost, he or she can face the below-mentioned problems:

  • Organs may grow to be larger than they should be.
  • Problems such as acne and pimples may affect one’s skin.
  • Number of erections will increase, as the desire for sexual need increases.

If the level is below the optimum level, then the following can happen:

  • Slow increase in the size of organs
  • The individual will feel depressed
  • Voice may not deepen
  • Non-Proportionate legs and arms
  • Weakness
  • Sleep disturbance

It is thereby very important that one shall consider some remedies if the level of testosterones in his or her body is on either of the extremes. In order to detect whether or not the level of testosterones in one’s body is optimum or not, he or she can look for symptoms provided online or listed by a doctor.

How can testosterone level be maintained?

Following are some practices, which can help, regulate, and maintain optimum levels of testosterone in one’s body:

Maintain the diet plan: One’s diet can greatly affect the level of testosterone in his or her body. It is recommended to intake testosterone boosting food and liquid in case of deficiency and testosterone decreasing food and liquid in case of excess. One can consult a dietitian or a doctor to get the best advice.

Food supplement: food supplement quickly increases testosterone levels by supplying the right quantity of minerals and chemicals to one’s body. Supplements are available in various forms such as tablets, capsules, and powders. One can easily find such supplements at a druggist or in an online store.

Exercising: While exercising, the body makes use of excess testosterone in order to produce more energy. Therefore, exercising can reduce the level, by increasing the usage of testosterones natively.

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