Why Other Clothing Store Owners Can Make More Money Than Me?

Everyone must be very familiar with clothing stores, which can be seen everywhere in our daily life and are much frequented by everyone. Many people have dreamed of owning a clothing store and become their own boss. Don’t think that is very simple. If you want to make money through a clothing store, you must know how to operate it.

Frankly speaking, it is a process of buying and selling goods, then businessmen earn money through the price difference. But in fact, it also involves a lot of knowledge. In terms of purchase, how to determine the quantity, quality and type of purchase, the ratio of purchase funds and liquidity, when to replenish and how to determine the quantity of replenishment. These should be understood as a store owner.

We will introduce the basic knowledge commonly used in businesses below, hoping to inspire some clothing store owners who are just getting started.

1. Choose the right direction

The easiest thing is that when you decide to run a costume, and you have to be clear-headed. Don’t go to the clothing wholesale market, look at everything, and want to do everything because everything is great to you. You must have a clear idea. Don’t go to the market and forget what you are doing. Don’t let other things affect your thinking.


2. Do a good clothing positioning

Opening a clothing store, do you want to join others, or do you own it by yourself? Open a clothing store for men’s clothing? Women’s clothing? Or children clothing? Positioning must be accurate. For example: if you are a college student, then chose sports and leisure series. You must first go to the clothing wholesale market to understand the wholesale price.

You must know all the wholesalers of the wholesale sports series. You can even use a notebook to write down some information: the wholesaler with its style of sportswear and price, which is better, whose store business is booming and so on. This information is your future wealth.

In addition, you must observe what kind of goods people purchase, and where they sell. If you find that one person always comes, then he sells well. You can follow him to his store to secretly investigate. See how he manages and how to sell. In this way, you have a basic understanding of the clothing you want to sell. It is very helpful for you to open a store.

3. Pretend a regular customer

Everything is ready, now is time to purchase the clothing. If it is your first time, you have to pretend to be a regular customer. You can bargain with the dealer. When you say the price of other deal, he will know that you are not a newbie. Usually, he will judge you by communication to see if you are a newbie or not. If yes, he may charge you higher.

4. Decor your store

The decoration in your store should have a uniform style and it can be decorated according to the surrounding environment. Color matching should also be properly unified. Generally, the facade should be set up with floor-to-ceiling windows. Beside the windows, put several mannequin bodies to display your clothing. This is an important way to attract people to come to your store.

Speaking of the mannequin body, it should be matched the style of your store. Posh Concept is a mannequin manufacturer with customized service. Transparent, semi-transparent and other special effects are all available. Besides, its PC mannequin is eco-friendly, producing no pollution during production and even after use. Hopefully, it will replace FRP mannequin in the near future. If you have some creative idea of the PC mannequin, contact Posh Concept for more information. If not, it is okay. There are lots of styles for you to choose from. Cooperating with Bonami, Posh Concept has wonderful designs in display mannequin. You will be amazed at them and find the style that fits your store best.


5. Pay close attention to the market

Keep abreast of the market and know the change in the price of the wholesaler. You should also adjust your price immediately. At the same time, we must always pay attention to the selling price of competitors. If the clothing of your competitors is on sale, you still sell at high prices, it is very easy to lose consumers.

Want to make money at your clothing store? See what steps you are not taking! It is important to find a business plan that suits your own store!

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