The Leather Items in Your Wardrobe that Can be Easily Replaced for a Vegan Option

After California became the first state in the US nation to ban fur sales and Macy’s giant became the first US retailer to end fur sales, we can only expect leather to be next. There is no doubt that the vegan lifestyle is the fastest-growing movement around the world. Not only do we have new vegan food products coming out daily in the market, but fashion designers, such as Elisabetta Franchi and Stella McCartney, are also trying to catch up on this trend.

Even just a few years ago, a big question asked was where to buy faux leather items of good quality; Luckily, it’s becoming less of a question today, as even celebrities such as Kat Von D, who is launching her vegan shoe line on November 1st, are rolling out more and more vegan substitutes. Entertainment professional Katarina Van Derham, who is a vegan herself, breaks down a few categories in a fashion that will help you navigate through the vegan world of fashion in case you are considering switching your leather garments out for more ethically sourced alternatives.


You might be wondering what leather has to do with cosmetics. While at this point there are a trillion brands that make cruelty-free/vegan cosmetics, one area you need to pay attention to is cosmetic bags and pouches. Most of them used to be made from genuine leather, and while you can still find some, the majority of the newer brands only use faux leather. Just switch out your old leather makeup bags for new synthetic ones.


Finding good faux leather belts can still be a bit tricky, as I feel that even finding good belts, in general, is already an issue- especially if you are looking for a thick, fashionable belt that doesn’t look cheap. Check out ASOS or even Target or Walmart for some good faux leather belts that are affordable. If you have deeper pockets, check out Italian designer Elisabetta Franchi for some trendy options.

Purses & Bags

This category is probably the easiest to find faux leather substitutes in. Companies such as GUNAS, VONI, Hozen Collection, Chapter Bag, and Angela Roi offer beautiful arrays of faux leather bags for every occasion. In general, there are many companies that create trendy vegan bags, and you can easily google them.


On the other hand, this category remains the most challenging when it comes to finding the right merchandise in faux leather. You can easily find informal vegan footwear, but it becomes much more challenging to find vegan heels.So, if you want to find more elegant options, try to check out Beyond Skin for that classic black stiletto pump. Loren Lorraine is a well-known ready to wear brand that offers vegan shoes, as well. Veerahoffers some fun shoes with attachable accessories, and as previously mentioned, Kat Von D is launching her first Von D luxe vegan shoe collection on November 1st called Von D Shoes. You might want to check out her upcoming product, EchoHeel.


Every brand from Free People to Forever 21 sells faux leather jackets. There is really no need to wear real leather jackets anymore, as the market is now almost over-saturated with vegan leather jackets. So, just check out your favorite retailer and search for vegan leather.

If you like fashion as much as I do, you might still find it difficult to find stylish faux leather gloves to go with your faux leather jacket, and the gloves by Karl Lagerfeld might be out of your budget. But hopefully, we’ll be seeing more options within the next few years.

I hope these tips will help you become a more ethical shopper.



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