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Why Women Really Hate Getting Older And What You Can Do About It

Women love it when they look good and feel good. Sadly, as the years go by, some women can feel less confident and attractive than they may have done in their twenties. There are many reasons for this. The most significant one is hormone changes. Drops in female hormones change the body dramatically. They also change our moods and emotions from time to time as well.

As our children grow up, we can feel less useful as parents. Teens, in particular, are fiercely independent. They can often refuse the cuddles and one-on-one time that so many mothers enjoy. This can feel quite heart-breaking at times. And as your relationship with your partner matures, things can become less intimate. All of this can add up to a sense of loneliness and isolation, that happens to coincide with big physical changes in women.

The physical signs of aging go far beyond the odd wrinkle and gray hair. Our bodies slow down, just as our lives do. This can dramatically affect your physical fitness. Day-to-day tasks like bending down to pick things up can feel much harder to do. You might even wake up with the odd ache now and again. And mental acuity can feel lessened too. So how can you feel fit, sharp, and fabulous again?

Hormone Replacement Therapies can help a lot of women as they ‘come of age’. But there are many natural remedies that may help the odd symptom you’re feeling. The increased anxiety and menstrual problems you may feel could be eased with a supplement of Valerian Root. For older women struggling with sleep, it could prove to be an extremely safe alternative to sleeping pills. And if you are suffering sleep problems, many of your other symptoms will be exacerbated.

There are also plenty of ways you can start to feel better about yourself. Why not enrol on that education course you always fancied? Learn a musical instrument or how to paint. Spending time focusing on you and your achievements is a wonderful way to stimulate the mind and feel good about yourself. It can help increase your social circle with people closer to your age group. This lessens your dependence on your kids for company too.

Worrying about the effects of aging on your appearance won’t help you look any better. It is common for hair to thin and make the scalp more visible. It’s common for the chest to sag, and deep lines to appear on your face. A good posture and a smile will go a very long way to making anyone appear youthful, vibrant, happy and relaxed. As women go through menopause, it’s more important than ever to strengthen your posture. Low calcium and hormone changes can affect it more than you think.

Counselling can help a lot of women suffering from anxiety about aging. Sometimes a change in outlook can help a lot. You can also spend more time in the company of others going through the same worries. Normalizing it will help you accept the changes that will occur over time. You may even come to love the freedom of getting older.

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